Life’s Inspirations

Life’s Inspirations.

It’s things like these that can spark something great. From the hustle and bustle of everyday city life, to the tranquility and serenity of a day in the park.


Organized Noise

Organized Noise.

Ever wonder what goes into “Organized Noise”? This is a brief video that shows what goes into the creation of a song. It also shows the vinyl and CDs, two musical mediums that were discussed earlier. Enjoy the images, and also a great J Dilla track as the backdrop.


Grey Notes: The Analog Medium Known As Vinyl


A breakdown of the vinyl LP: the analog medium for playing music that’s celebrated by DJs, producers, hipsters, and your average music enthusiast due to its quality of sound. At a time, it was one of the few options, then died out, and is now going through a revival. In the art that is music, sound is everything, and many swear by vinyl records as the way to go for great sound. Many of the best DJs in the world tend to have thousands of these records in their houses and studios. The vinyl tends to have a more “warm” sound than anything digitized, as it is completely analog. The physical aspect of a vinyl also tends to be celebrated. Usually they will be in a paper sleeve, which is then enclosed in a large cardboard sleeve. Sometimes, they may be in what is called a gatefold sleeve, which opens up like a book and has about two sleeves to hold the records. Some of the most interesting and intricate packaging details are seen in this article by Insound. Much care is taken with them, since the manufacturing process is a delicate one, as seen in this YouTube video.

Another plus of vinyl is how the music can be altered while songs are playing; pitch can be altered, as well as tempo, without necessarily changing the record permanently. The process of being able to play songs with this analog musical medium make using vinyl such a great experience. From packaging to the medium itself, and the sounds that emerge from its analog usage, the vinyl LP is a staple of the art of music.

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